Important for all Websites


What’s the fuss with mobile-friendly all about?

Today, over 90% of people with smartphones search for information on their phones. It is highly likely most of the people coming to your website are doing so from their phone. So, it is very important your website is mobile-friendly!

What if my website is not mobile-friendly?

Then you are probably losing business. People navigating websites from their phone get frustrated with websites they have to “pinch and zoom” in order to see the content. They are likely to abandon your website. They want a mobile-friendly version that looks nice, is readable, and easy to use.

Additionally, in 2015 and 2016 changes in the Google Search algorithm were implemented to boost mobile friendly websites in the mobile search results. According to Google, the change will “affect mobile searches worldwide [and] have a significant impact in Google search results.”  

How can I find out if my website is mobile-friendly?

Where can I go for help?

At netadept, we specialize in developing amazing websites and e-commerce solutions that are mobile-friendly.  Contact us today for a free website review and consultation.